Yellowstone River Picnic Trail


Trail Type: Loop
 Start Location: 2K7, Yellowstone River Picnic Area,
44.916850, -110.400336
Total Hiking Time: 2 hours; 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Weather: Sunny
Crowd: Only one person in the late season
Animal Sightings: wolf sign (tracks and urine)
Fishing Report: N/A, Fishing closed in the park on November 7th.

The Yellowstone River Picnic Trail winds along  the top of the canyon wall amidst sagebrush, pines, and boulders. Catch incredible views of the Yellowstone River during the first half of the trail. Keep your eyes peeled for this hike’s two thermal features: Nymph Spring and Calcite Springs.

About 1.9 miles in, come to a fork in the trail. Turning left (north) will complete the loop and take you through a wide grassy expanse to the Specimen Ridge Trailhead (2K7). A short roadside walk will get you back to 2K4. Turning right (east) at the fork quickly climbs up, and you can choose to continue to Specimen Ridge or Agate Creek.

Final Word
With its deep canyon views and thermals, this hike is anything but a “Picnic Trail.”


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