The Hoodoos

Distance: 5.4 miles

Trail Type: Out-and-back (this report), shuttle, or loop
 Start Location: Snow Pass Trailhead (1K2), 44.958916, -110.712176
Total Hiking Time: 2.5 hours; 11:30-2:00 pm

Weather: Mostly sunny with some wind
Crowd: none
Animal Sightings: Pika, Racer snake, chipmunks, mule deer scat
Fishing Report: N/A

If you have ever done the drive between the Mammoth and Norris Areas, you may have seen the Hoodoos, an area full of large boulders flanking both sides of the road.  The Yellowstone Hoodoos are not actually Hoodoos but large travertine limestone boulders that fell from Terrace Mountain!

There is no sign for the 1K2 Trailhead from the road. To find the trailhead from Mammoth, scan the right side of the road just past the Upper Terrace – you’ll be able to see the first trail sign and footpaths from the road. Parking at 1K2 can easily fit several cars.

The trail starts off in a forested area but turns left at the four-way junction to Golden Gate, and the trail soon opens up to an open landscape with sagebrush and views of Terrace Mountain in the distance. Gradually work your way uphill to the Hoodoos, and marvel at the sheer size of some of fallen boulders. Also look carefully for small pikas that hide in the rocks! To make this an out-and-back hike, turn around at the Glen Creek Trailhead and return along the same path.

 Final Word
A quick and easy dayhike to interesting terrain near Mammoth Hot Springs.


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