Divide Mountain Trail


Trail Type: Out and Back Hike
 Start Location: Divide Mountain Trailhead
Total Hiking Time: 2 hours; 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Weather: Cloudy
Crowd: Two small groups, 6 people total
Animal Sightings: Squirrels
Fishing Report: N/A

Find this trailhead about 7 miles east from Old Faithful before the Continental Divide posting on the road. Parking here was plentiful and should be alright for the rest of the season. The trail itself is well-defined and wide enough to walk two across for most of it. At the Spring Creek Trail Junction, we continued South to Divide Mountain (heading west will take you to the Lone Star Geyser Trail). Enjoy a nice, gentle climb, without any switchbacks. We came across a few fallen trees on the trail, but climbing over them was manageable for everybody in our 6-person party.

Unfortunately, trees obscured the view of Shoshone Lake at the top of Divide Mountain. There is a small open area at the top; however, some charm is lost without a view. Once upon a time, there was a fire lookout there, but it was removed by the Park Service in 1991. On a positive note, a view of Shoshone Lake is not all lost. We found a fairly decent overlook of the lake on our way up the trail at the first opening in the trees to the East.

 Final Word
A short and easy dayhike on the Continental Divide with a somewhat decent view of Shoshone Lake and the Red Mountains.


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