Trail Type: Out and Back
 Start Location: 1K3 Glen Creek Trailhead, Shared parking lot with Bunsen Peak and Osprey Falls hike
Total Hiking Time: 5 hours; 11:30-4:30 pm

Weather: Cloudy
Crowd: only 5 hikers on our way in
Animal Sightings: chipmunks, a lonely bison
Fishing Report: N/A

Parking at the trailhead was plentiful on this October weekend, but be aware that the Glen Creek Trailhead is heavily used in the summer months since many hikes start here (Bunsen Peak, Osprey Falls, Electric Peak, Cache and Sportsman’s Lake). The majority of the hike is on the open plain, except for the last mile, which runs through a wet forest (with smells reminiscent of Glacier National Park). Elevation is gain is light for this hike, about 1000 ft. The lake itself has a spectacular view of Electric Peak and there’s plenty of sitting stones around for a well-deserved lunch. We believe the signs and guide books provide conservative distances for this hike.

 Final Word
Great longer day hike option in October towards a beautiful lake with an even better backdrop.


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