Wahb Springs

Distance: 11.0 miles

Trail Type: Out and Back
 Start Location: 3K1 Foot Trailhead; 44.869224, -110.166226
Total Hiking Time: 5 hours; 1-6 pm

Weather: Sunny with late afternoon cloud cover
Crowd: Saw four hikers early on the trail returning from an
overnight along Cache Creek
Animal Sightings: Bison, Elk, Antelope, Moose (tracks), abundant Mountain Bluebirds (in proud spring plumage!)
Fishing Report: N/A

Make sure you park at 3K1’s foot trailhead to access the footbridge across Soda Butte Creek. A quarter mile to the west, there is a separate stock trailhead where you can park temporarily to use the bathroom; the trails eventually merge.

At the first junction (Specimen Ridge), turn left onto Cache Creek Trail. At the second junction, keep left.

Contrary to some hiking guides, Wahb Springs was so unremarkable that we hiked past it and extended our trip another mile. We were looking out for an “impressive thermal area” with rising steam pillars. Don’t be like us and pass your mark: look towards the western slope (across Cache Creek) after crossing your second gulch. Arrive at Wahb Springs, 44.824060, -110.116055.

 Final Word

The most spectacular parts can be seen between the trailhead and the Cache Creek backcountry sites; spend the day fishing Soda Butte Creek, and enjoy the Lamar Valley.

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